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Our Dental Services

Quality and affordable dentistry

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Calcium Rich Foods for Good Oral Health

Calcium Rich Foods for Good Oral Health for all- including Vegetarians + those with Dairy Intolerance Calcium, Vitamin D and Phosphorus are all essential in the formation of strong bones and teeth. Ensuring efficient calcium and mineral intake is ess

Why Children Tend to Have Cavities More Often Than Adults

Think back to your childhood for a moment and your dental checkups. If you were like most kids your age, you probably dreaded going to the dentist because you knew every visit you would be told you had cavities. As parents today, you may be noticing

Invisalign Travel Tips for Your Summer Vacation Holiday

With summer vacation holidays just around the corner, our dental clinic wanted to share some useful tips for Invisalign users to ensure you treatment schedule stays on track while you are enjoying your getaway. 1. Don’t skip brushing and flossing.

Don’t Let Teeth Stains Ruin a Beautiful Smile

Most people are not happy with the colour of their teeth. The one thing people want to change about their teeth to have a beautiful smile is to have brighter, whiter teeth. There can be all sorts of things that cause discolouration and staining on te

Oral Care: The Link between a Healthy Body and a Happy Smile

Your oral care habits do effect more than your smile. There has been scientific studies conducted which demonstrate a link between a healthy body and oral care. Aside from the risks of tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease, poor oral care habits can

When Should My Child Start Seeing a Dentist?

Your child should start seeing a dentist shortly after they start developing their first baby teeth. While your toddler is not going to get a complex cleaning and x-rays, like you do, their dentist will give them an examination to ensure their baby t

Is Invisalign® Treatment Appropriate for Teens?

If your teenager needs orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth, they may have said they want Invisalign®. As a parent you need to help your teen determine whether this form of orthodontic care is actually the most appropriate one for them. M

The Benefits of Taking Your Child to the Dentist for Their First Visit

Your child can gain several benefits from early dental visits. These initial visits are somewhat different from what you are used to with your bi-annual checkups. Rather your child’s dentist examines your child’s teeth and looks for signs of pote

Invisalign 101: Everything You Want to Know About Invisalign Treatment

If you require orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, one popular option teens and adults choose is Invisalign. This treatment works very similar to traditional braces, but eliminates the need to install hardware directly onto the teeth due

Does Flossing Really Matter?

Some people might think flossing is a big waste of time. After all, what purpose does running a small string in between your teeth serve anyway? You already brush your teeth twice a day to remove plaque, so does flossing really make much difference?

How Dental Implants Integrate with Cone Beam CT X-Rays

Creating images and digital impressions are part of dental implant procedures and processes. In more recent years, the imaging techniques have drastically improved so dental offices no longer rely upon conventional/traditional dental x-rays for impla

Broken or Chipped Tooth? Cosmetic Procedures to Restore Your Smile

It can happen to any of us, normally when we least expect it: We break or chip one of our front teeth. You might have slipped and fell and hit your mouth, or you realize as you bite down onto a hard piece of candy or ice cube that cracking sound was

How to Encourage Good Brushing Habits in Children

Getting your children to brush their teeth twice a day can seem like a challenge, not to mention teaching them how to floss correctly. Part of the problem some parents experience is their children treat brushing their teeth like a chore or even a pun

Composite Fillings versus Amalgam Fillings: Which Is Better?

Tooth decay can be inevitable for some us, no matter how hard we try to remember to brush twice a day, floss once a day, and visit our family dental clinic every six months. Getting a cavity can be frustrating because we may not realize what we are d

What Is Causing My Toothache?

Toothaches, or pain in a particular tooth or area of the mouth are not always caused by tooth decay and cavities in affected teeth. There are other potential reasons for the pain and discomfort. To ensure a proper diagnosis it is best to schedule an

How You Should Be Brushing and Flossing Your Teeth

Two questions our patients frequently ask us is what is the right way to brush their teeth and floss in between their regular bi-annual visits to our Thunder Bay dental clinic. People and children brush their teeth using different methods and motions

How to Help Your Child Overcome the Fear of Getting Braces

For a tween or teen the thought of having to get braces can be fearful for them. They often hear various myths and stories from their peers that result in misconceptions about the actual processes and procedures. What they might not know is orthodont

Our Thunder Bay Dental Clinic Shares What Parents Need to Know about Kids’ Meals

A recent study conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the nutritional quality of kids’ menu options at various chain restaurants found the overall quality and selection of items lacking. According to the study, “More than one

Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts about Dental Bridges

If you have several gaps in your gum line due to missing teeth, it is important to have these teeth replaced with artificial ones. Not replacing the teeth can cause the other teeth to start to shift and move, which can create gaps in-between the rema

Our Thunder Bay Dental Clinic Shares Secrets for Treating Chronic Bad Breath

Having bad breath is often an embarrassing situation for most people. When the condition is chronic, it can create unnecessary stress and anxiety. Bad breath can affect children, tweens, teens, and adults, alike. There are a variety of causes for bad

Our Thunder Bay Dentist Clinic Discusses What Is Tooth Discolouration

Tooth discolouration is where the natural white, bright look of our teeth starts to fade. There are many different causes for tooth discolouration and three different types, depending on how the discolouration is developing. To better help you determ

Dentists in Thunder Bay Teach You All That You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can be an issue for some people, requiring tooth extraction procedures. These teeth are the very last sets of molars a person develops, typically in their late teens or early twenties. For a rather small percentage of people, they are fo

The Most Trending Cosmetic Procedures at Our Thunder Bay Dental Clinic

Aside from proper oral hygiene care with bi-annual preventative visits, many of our clients are taking advantage of the various cosmetic procedures available at our Thunder Bay dental clinic to help them achieve beautiful smiles! Here at Oasis Family

What are Some of the Best Ways to Get Your Children to Brush Their Teeth?

For many parents, getting their children to brush their teeth can be a big problem. There are several ways to help get your children to want to brush their teeth, making your home happier and healthier. Healthy teeth are beneficial to your children t

Dental Care for Older People

Am I certain to lose my teeth? No. With the right home care and help from your dental team, it is possible to keep your teeth for life. Gum disease and tooth decay can be prevented whatever your age. What particular problems may older people have? Yo

Oral Tips for This Holiday Season

The Christmas season is a time for smiles and joy. You want to show off your pearly whites. However, it’s also a time for food and festivities. Some of us eat too much sugar and drink too much alcohol and that affects our teeth. Christmas dental ca

Ways to Keep Teeth Healthy During Thanksgiving

It might seem impossible to focus on keeping teeth healthy considering the abundance of food during the Thanksgiving weekend. Do not to give up on good dental health over the holidays. Here are some simple tips to help keep your oral health on track!

Back-to-School Tips for Healthy Teeth

The beginning of a new school year is usually a big transition, as lazy summer mornings are quickly replaced by mad dashes to the bus stop. But a pediatric dental expert warns that your children’s tooth care shouldn’t be lost in the mix.

The Advantage of Invisaligns

Many teens want to improve their smile without the pain and embarrassment of having to wear metal braces. Just like metal braces, Invisalign works by gently moving teeth into position. Metal braces are worn continuously, however, and need to be adjus

9 Tips From For A Brighter Smile

Everybody loves a great smile, and studies have actually shown that people respond far more favorably – at work and socially – to those with good-looking teeth and smiles. If you’ve been unhappy with the way your smile looks, or if you just


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