Amalgam Filling

Information about Amalgam Fillings

Here at Oasis Family Dental, we prefer to provide our patients with porcelain and tooth colored filling options. Amalgam fillings are made from mercury and other metals. Over time the mercury can cause the teeth and gums to become discolored. In addition, since amalgam is a soft metal, it is responsive to changes in temperatures.

As teeth that are filled with amalgam fillings are exposed to hot and cold liquids and foods, the metal expands and contracts. Over time, the filling can start to separate from around the tooth structure, leaving small micro openings, where bacteria can get through and underneath the filling, resulting in a cavity.

Further, as the amalgam filling starts to deteriorate, it can also cause other dental problems, such as the filling falling out, the tooth structure cracking, or even the entire tooth splitting in two. In recent years, with advances in porcelain and resin-based tooth colored fillings, the longevity of either type of filling is now about the same and both last between ten to twelve years.

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