Why Children Tend to Have Cavities More Often Than Adults

Think back to your childhood for a moment and your dental checkups. If you were like most kids your age, you probably dreaded going to the dentist because you knew every visit you would be told you had cavities.

As parents today, you may be noticing a similar pattern in your own children. At each dental visit, they have cavities. The cause for cavities is bacteria that forms in plaque – the white sticky substance – left on the teeth after meals, snacks and beverages besides water.

Even if you are ensuring your children are eating healthy and are limiting their sugar intake, it does not preclude them from getting cavities. Many healthy foods and snacks have natural sugars in them which can feed the bacteria found in plaque.

Part of the reason children have more cavities is largely because they are not effectively removing plaque from their teeth. If you watch your children brush their teeth, you will notice right away they are missing major areas. One such area children miss are the backs of their teeth.

You might also notice is your child will favor brushing on one side of their mouth over the other. For instance, if you child is right-handed, they will favor the left side of their mouth and vice-versus if they are left-handed.

Both of these issues can be corrected with some guidance, coaching, and assistance. You may even need to help your child brush their teeth to make sure they did not miss any areas.

Another reason why children have more cavities than adults is they do not always remember to brush their teeth. As parents, we too may not constantly remind, check and follow-up to verify brushing is being done twice a day. The easiest way to help your children remember to brush is to set a daily reminder on your smartphone calendar in the morning and the evening before their bedtime.

A lack of flossing is another reason why children can have cavities more often. Let’s be honest when it comes to flossing children are not the only ones that try to avoid it. Most parents are just as guilty of not flossing too, so don’t feel bad.

Instead, get your children into the habit of flossing once a day at night before bedtime by flossing with them. You can get them threadable flossers that have handles and are easier to use once they are willing to try flossing on their own. Until they get old enough, you will need to do the flossing for them.

By helping your children with brushing and flossing, you could notice the frequency of their cavities starts to decline. Not only will they feel better about going to the dentist, they may even start to feel challenged so they have cavity-free visits!

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