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Partial Denture

Partial Dentures in Thunder Bay

Here at Oasis Family Dental, we provide our patients with several different artificial teeth replacement options, like partial dentures. A partial denture is well-suited for replace one or more missing teeth to help provide a natural look, improve speech, and restore a person’s beautiful smile.

In addition, partial dentures help prevent your natural teeth from shifting, moving, or even falling out. Another benefit of partial dentures is they help reduce the risks associated with periodontal disease and gum disease.

Partial dentures are custom made and fitted for each person, based upon the location of the missing teeth. The dentures are secured in place normally with a metal retaining clip which attaches to the adjacent teeth, or abutment teeth. The materials used to create your partial denture is determined after discussing your needs with your Thunder Bay dentist.

Common materials which might be used are a mixture of acrylic (plastic-based) materials and metal or entirely out of acrylic materials. The objective is to create a denture plate which will be easy for you to care for and clean.

For further questions and additional information about partial dentures, schedule an initial consultation appointment with one of our dentists in Thunder Bay by calling (807) 623-2662 now.

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