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Electric vs Traditional Toothbrushes and Flossing- What’s the Best Option?

Electric vs Traditional Toothbrushes and Flossing- What’s the Best Option?

When it comes to traditional vs. electric dental devices, you’ll always have some on the side of electric toothbrushes or waterpiks versus those with more traditional preferences towards brushing and flossing. But have you ever wondered what are the real pros and cons of going electric, versus sticking with traditional? We explore the different methods below.

Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes have some definite pros including the time saving aspect. Electric toothbrushes can save time because of their efficiency in providing a deeply thorough clean in less time than a manual toothbrush. Depending on the kind of toothbrush you have, they can also do a better cleaning job in general, removing more plaque and bacteria. But with that being said- technique is always important. Even though an electric brush may theoretically provide a better clean, without proper technique this may not be the case. 

Another positive is that electric toothbrushes are also more “fun” to use, which can be a good thing if you find yourself bored or uninterested in brushing. The “fun” aspect is also a great way to help inspire children to build brushing into their daily lives. 

Another huge benefit of electric toothbrushes is that they can allow those who are less mobile or dexterous to still brush their teeth properly. 

Electric Flossers

Waterpik water flossers are the electric option when it comes to flossing. Waterpiks are great at targeting hard to reach places, and allow for those who have some difficulty flossing to be able to floss. These are also useful for certain dental conditions, such as for Periodontal Pockets. 

Though water flossers are an excellent choice, they are not as effective at removing plaque as regular floss is.


The Cons of Electric

Arguably the largest downside to electric dental devices is their cost. Even a cheap electric toothbrush is significantly more expensive than a manual one, which often cost less than five dollars. The more high end you’re looking for toothbrushes, the higher the cost can be. Plus, you also have to regularly replace their heads, which can also be expensive depending on what kind of toothbrush you have.

There is of course the cost of a water flosser as well, where traditional floss again costs just dollars. Another potential negative for electric would be the force of the electric toothbrush or waterpik can sometimes be too much for those with sensitive teeth and gums. 


Manual toothbrushes give you more control over the force you exert and the speed at which you brush your teeth, which is better for those with sensitivities. They are far more cost effective as well and are simple to use.

Though manual toothbrushes seem more simple to use, they do require better brushing techniques and often more time spent brushing to ensure you’re not missing any surfaces. 

Similarly, traditional floss is quite effective at removing plaque and other debris from the teeth, but many people find it difficult or tedious to use, or may not be using the proper technique.

The Verdict

All in all, regardless of what dental devices you are using, the most important thing is that you’re using them at all. It basically comes down to preference- so if you know you have trouble keeping up with regular flossing, invest in a waterpik and give it a shot. Or if you know you prefer a manual toothbrush, even though it takes a bit more time, stick with manual. There are pros and cons either way, but the most important thing is finding the dental devices that allow you to take the best possible care of your teeth.

Do you have questions about selecting the best dental devices for you? Give us a call today at 807-623-2662 and one of our amazing team members can answer your questions for you! 


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