Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts about Dental Bridges

If you have several gaps in your gum line due to missing teeth, it is important to have these teeth replaced with artificial ones. Not replacing the teeth can cause the other teeth to start to shift and move, which can create gaps in-between the remaining teeth, as well as cause them to become crooked.

In cases where you are missing teeth on the bottom gums and you still have teeth above these locations, not replacing the teeth with an artificial ones can cause the upper teeth to fall out! How? The lower teeth actually work to help keep the upper teeth in place. When this lower “support” is no longer there, the teeth can slowly start to drop down. Overtime, it will start to become loose and eventually fall out, creating more missing teeth.

One option available at our Thunder Bay dental clinic for replacing a few missing teeth, in cases where they are located next to or near each other, is to get a dental bridge, which is also called a partial denture plate. In recent years, there have been advances in dental technologies, and the types of dental bridges you can select from to replace missing teeth.

In the past, one doubt people held about partial denture plates was how they were secured to adjacent (abutment) teeth. Small metal clips would be placed onto the plate and used to hold it in place. Over time, from the increased pressure on the abutment teeth and the wear and tear from the clips, these teeth would crack, break, and eventually need to be extracted.

Another fear people had was the fact the metal clip could be noticeable if the abutment teeth were in the front of the mouth. It was not easy to hide the clip and if they smiled, others would know they were wearing some type of denture. Depending upon the age of the person wearing the dental bridge, it could affect their self-esteem, confidence, and desire to have their picture taken.

Fortunately today, these fears and doubts no longer have to be an issue. One of the latest advances in dental bridges in Thunder Bay is to use an implant-supported dental bridge. This artificial tooth replacement procedure is where two implants are installed at each end of the section of missing teeth, and then an “over” dental bridge is secured onto the implants.

The main benefit of an “over” dental bridge is it does not require using abutment teeth to secure it in place. This alleviates the concerns of falling into an endless cycle where the abutment teeth would have to be extracted and new ones used, until eventually the person could possible lose all of their teeth.

For people, who are missing a single tooth or two teeth right next to each other, single implants are also a viable alternative to traditional dental bridges. To learn more about modern options for replacing missing teeth, call Oasis Family Dental at (807) 623-2662 now to schedule an appointment!

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