How to Help Your Child Overcome the Fear of Getting Braces

For a tween or teen the thought of having to get braces can be fearful for them. They often hear various myths and stories from their peers that result in misconceptions about the actual processes and procedures. What they might not know is orthodontics have advanced and there are alternative options to traditional braces, like Invisalign.

It is important to discuss what fears your child might have and work with your dentist to alleviate their fears, so they are put at ease and can look forward to a beautiful smile with straightened teeth once the treatment is completed.

One of the more common fears tweens and teens have is the fear of the unknown. They can be fearful of not understanding what is going to happen, the types of instruments used by the dentist and other processes required to prepare their teeth for Invisalign or traditional braces. Parents can help by discussing known fears with the dentist ahead of time, so the dentist can explain everything to your child to help better educate them about the procedure and overcome this fear.

Another common fear has to do with feeling embarrassed after getting braces. Tweens and teens can be overly sensitive to cosmetic changes that will make them look different from their friends and peers. Pointing out getting braces is something many kids their age will also have to go through can help. You could also mention improving their smiles is nothing to be embarrassed about. Furthermore, if you opt for Invisalign instead of traditional braces, they are clear, so they are not as easily noticed.

Some tweens and teens are fearful of anticipated pain from having braces. Their peers, who already have braces may have told them it is painful to get them tightened, cleaned, and other such stories. However, there is relatively very little to no pain whatsoever, as the processes used gently realign the teeth. For gum discomfort, talk to your dentist about numbing gels that can be used at home.

The thought of the actual length of time needed to realign the teeth can seem like an eternity to tweens and teens. Overcoming this concern can be accomplished by discussing a year or two is not that long of time, compared to the 60-plus years they will get to enjoy their beautiful smile once the treatment is completed.

If you child has the fear of not being able to eat their favourite foods or worries about food potentially getting caught in their braces, they might be a good candidate for Invisalign. With Invisalign, they can remove the clear alignment cups from their teeth while they eat, so they do not have to give up their favourite foods and just need to brush their teeth after eating before putting the cups back into their mouth.

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