Our Thunder Bay Dental Clinic Shares Secrets for Treating Chronic Bad Breath

Having bad breath is often an embarrassing situation for most people. When the condition is chronic, it can create unnecessary stress and anxiety. Bad breath can affect children, tweens, teens, and adults, alike.

There are a variety of causes for bad breath. The most common cause is the result of the bacteria found in plaque, the sticky substance which forms on the teeth and the gums. Chronic cases are typically caused from certain dental problems, various types of infections, or certain medications.

Our Thunder Bay dental clinic can help your address both chronic and regular types of bad breath using the following recommendations.

  • Brush your teeth several times each day. For normal cases of bad breath, brushing twice a day can help. For chronic cases, you will want to brush your teeth more often throughout the day and after eating or snacking.
  • Drink more water in place of coffee, tea, or colas. Water does not contain any plaque-causing agents unlike most other beverages. Water also helps to keep the gums moistened, which helps control bad breath. Additionally, water is great for rinsing away loose plaque and food particles.
  • Remove plaque by flossing your teeth. While brushing helps remove plaque from the exterior of the teeth, it does not remove it from in-between the teeth. Flossing the teeth after meals and snacks, as well as before retiring to bed at night helps remove trapped food particles and plaque and reduces the amount of bad-breath causing bacteria.
  • Stop using tobacco products. Cigars, cigarettes, and other tobacco products dehydrate the gum tissues and could be the reason for your bad breath. Your dentist is more than happy to offer advice and support on various options you can use to stop or refer you to your primary healthcare provider.
  • Use a dentist-approved mouth wash or rinse aid. There are over-the-counter and prescription mouth washes and rinse aides your dentist may recommend to help manage bad breath. Remember to use these based upon the frequency prescribed by your dentist.
  • Maintain regular visits to our dental clinic. Bi-annual visits are important to remove bad-breath causing plaque and tartar from the teeth. Furthermore, these visits are necessary to determine the underlying causes for your bad breath and the appropriate types of procedures and treatments to use.
  • Visit your dentist more often if you have gingivitis or periodontal disease. These dental conditions are known to cause chronic bad breath if they are not managed correctly. Oftentimes, you have to see your dentist three or four times, sometimes more, depending upon the severity of the condition to keep your teeth clean and reduce the occurrence of bad breath.

It is important to mention the use of breath-freshening gums and mints should be avoided since they do not actually address the causes for your bad breath and they contain sugars, which can lead to problems with dental decay. To get help controlling and managing your bad breath, contact Oasis Family Dental at (807) 623-2662to schedule a consultation appointment today!

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