Dentists in Thunder Bay Teach You All That You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can be an issue for some people, requiring tooth extraction procedures. These teeth are the very last sets of molars a person develops, typically in their late teens or early twenties. For a rather small percentage of people, they are fortunate and do not have to worry about their wisdom teeth causing any problems.

Although, for the vast majority of us, the wisdom teeth can be problematic and have to be removed. There are many different reasons why your dentist in Thunder Bay will recommend having the teeth extracted. Let’s take a look now at some of those reasons.

1. Cavities are an ongoing problem in developed wisdom teeth. Since the teeth are in the very back, it makes brushing and flossing them difficult. Over time dental decay can cause cavities in the wisdom teeth. While having cavities filled a few times is the normally recommended procedure, if cavities are constantly being discovered in the wisdom teeth every time you see your dentist, they might recommend having them removed.

2. X-rays reveal impacted wisdom teeth. Impacted teeth are those that remain hidden underneath the gum line and never grow through the outside of the gum tissue. Quite frequently, impacted wisdom teeth will grow horizontally as they develop, pushing against the other molars and placing stain upon them. This added strain causes the teeth to shift forwards and results in overcrowding and crooked teeth. In some patients, the impacted molars will actually start to grow through the roots of their other molars, causing them to become loose and even fall out.

3. The jawbone does not have room to support the wisdom teeth. The size of most people’s jawbones lack the necessary space needed for normal, healthy wisdom teeth. One of the reasons why we lack the space is because our jawbones have actually become smaller over the decades as humans have evolved. If the wisdom teeth were allowed to fully develop, it can lead to overcrowded teeth.

Do Wisdom Teeth Always Develop?

In rare cases, some people will never develop any wisdom teeth. If you are in your mid-to-late twenties and do not have wisdom teeth, chances are they are not going to develop, so you do not have to worry about the potential problems they can cause.

At What Age Should Wisdom Teeth Be Extracted?

Since wisdom teeth develop at different rates, it all depends upon each person’s circumstances and overall dental health. Many patients have their wisdom teeth extracted while still in their teens, like if they were receiving orthodontic care and having braces installed. For others, they may not have any issues with their wisdom teeth until they are adults.

If you have concerns about your wisdom teeth, it is always best to consult with your Thunder Bay dentist at Oasis Family Dental. To schedule an examination, call our office at (807) 623-2662 now!

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