Tips for a Happy & Healthy Winter

Winter is definitely among us, and despite the snow, chilly temperatures and plenty of shoveling ahead, it’s important to not forget about you and your family’s health this season. Here are some reminders to take care of yourself this winter, and also a few tips on how to execute them while possibly even enjoying the winter months.

  • Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated with water or fruit infused water (without sugar) is very important during these extra dry days. Hydration is vital for avoiding dry mouth- a proven (and avoidable) cause of cavities.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather to avoid weakening the immune system. We get it- winter coats can be somewhat bothersome, but when it’s minus 15 you really should be wearing one. Even a few minutes of exposure to below freezing temperatures can stunt and impair your immune system, which can lead to canker sores, gum infection and general sickness.
  • Are you or your kids sluggish or grumpy? It might be time to increase your activities throughout the winter to improve mood and increase energy levels. Not into winter sports? What about swimming at a complex, indoor soccer or joining a gym?!
  • Get your Vitamin D! Even though it may sound less than ideal to go outside when it’s minus 10 or below, just 20 minutes of sunshine a day will give you your recommended dose of Vitamin D which can improve your mood. Bonus: “sunshine vitamin” helps your body absorb calcium- essential for strong bones and teeth.   
  • Wear your sunscreen! While you’re out getting that Vitamin D, you should try to apply sunscreen everyday, all year round. This is a great habit to get into as this can help combat the risk of skin cancer. Bonus: wearing sunscreen can prevent signs of aging, and is a great habit to instill in children.
  • Though these cold winter days seem ideal for comfort food, working to incorporate greens and veggies into your diet is extremely important! Try making a simple soup and throwing some kale or spinach in- it wilts down and has almost no flavour. As we’ve said in past blogs, green leafy vegetables are rich in calcium, folic acid, and lots of other vitamins and minerals that your teeth and bones love.

Moral of the story? Get outside and for a walk or a ski, don’t forget your parka and sunscreen, and make sure you stay hydrated. Wishing you a healthy rest of the season!

-Your friends at Oasis Family Dental  

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