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Tooth Extraction

Extractions at Our Dental Clinic in Thunder Bay

Oasis Family Dental provides tooth extraction procedures at our Thunder Bay dental clinic. We are pleased to offer a painless tooth extraction process using local anesthesia to keep you comfortable while the tooth is removed.

While our dental team will do our very best to preserve your existing teeth, there are certain reasons where a tooth extraction procedure could be required, including:

  • Severely Decayed Teeth
  • Advanced Periodontal Disease
  • Broken and Unrepairable Teeth
  • Poorly Positioned/Impacted Teeth
  • Orthodontic Treatment Preparation

In most cases, other than for orthodontic treatment, removing teeth and not replacing them can lead to other dental problems and affect your overall dental health. We are happy to discuss potential artificial tooth replacement options for extracted teeth.

When a tooth is not replaced, the other teeth can start to shift and move within the gum line. Should this occur, you could end up with crooked teeth, an proper bite, and even loose teeth. Some of the options we offer for artificial tooth replacement are dental implants and partial dentures.

For more information about the extraction process and tooth replacement options, contact our Thunder Bay dental office by phoning (807) 623-2662 now to schedule a consultation appointment.

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