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Composite Tooth Fillings

Thunder Bay Dental Clinic Composite Fillings

Oasis Family Dental offers mercury-free solutions with our tooth colored and porcelain fillings, which help strengthen teeth and provide you with a beautiful smile. We utilize the latest bonding technologies to ensure filling restorations are unnoticeable and last a long time.

Part of the problem with silver tooth fillings is that they could contain up to 50 percent mercury, which has been known to cause staining on the teeth, as well as the gums. In addition, over time, the silver colored tooth fillings start to deteriorate, resulting in a weakened tooth structure. As such, the tooth filling can fall out, cause the tooth to crack, and create small openings where bacteria and get under the tooth surface and lead to cavities.

Oasis Family Dental recommends replacing silver colored tooth fillings with tooth colored filings. Tooth colored fillings provide a tighter fitting filling and are color matched to the color of the tooth. Once the porcelain material has hardened, it creates a much stronger tooth structure to help keep the tooth intact. To learn more about the advantage of tooth colored fillings and tooth restorations, please feel free to contact our dental clinic in Thunder Bay today by calling (807) 623-2662.

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